We are instruments of Light


This comparison image of the core of the galaxy M100 shows the dramatic improvement in Hubble Space Telescope’s view of the universe after the first Hubble Servicing Mission in December 1993. The new image, taken with the second generation Wide Field and Planetary Camera (WFPC-2) installed during the STS-61 Hubble Servicing Mission, beautifully demonstrates that the camera’s corrective optics compensate fully for the optical aberration in Hubble’s primary mirror. With the new camera, the Hubble explored the universe with unprecedented clarity and sensitivity, and fulfilled its most important scientific objectives for which the telescope was originally built. —NASA

There are no singular shifts in our evolution here on Earth. Energy never dies. We are just continually pivoting, reorienting our beings with each macro or micro shift our beautiful, chaotic, big-little planet endures. Throughout our lifetime, from life into death and back into life again. Like a telescope, we are instruments of Light, refining our technology every day.

On January 7, 2015, brilliant auroras around Earth’s Pole signaled that our interplanetary magnetic field shifted south, opening a crack on Earth’s magnetosphere.

Solar wind poured in to fuel the strongest magnetic storm since Sept. 2014. NOAA analysts believe the fluctuation in IMF is related to the arrival of a CME originally expected to miss Earth.spaceweather.com

The solar wind which poured into Earth was Light. Light purifies, clears toxicity and negativity. Light uplifts, elevates and brings clarity. The Light which has been pouring in to Earth since the commencement of 2015 is part of a technological upgrade to our consciousness, fine tuning our senses — and not just the five… we are intended to have 360! Can you imagine? 360 senses!

For we are instruments of Light, brilliant balls of walking, breathing Light! And we are only just beginning to experience our potential.

It is a beautiful time to be alive, my friends.

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