Walk in Beauty

walk in beauty

During this Mercury Retrograde (January 21-February 11) we are releasing down, out the body through our root chakras, shedding the old cells and belief systems which used to guide our gait. We are learning to integrate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, inviting in balance by growing new legs, new stems and new roots for a healthier relationship with Big Mama.

This process of release and growth can be enhanced by taking time each day to walk outdoors, connecting with Earth and all her strong, forgiving, loving, nurturing grace. The act of walking in and of itself aligns the right (Feminine) and left (Masculine) sides of the brain to the left (Feminine) and right (Masculine) sides of the body – horizontal alignment; walking on the Earth – the grass, the soil, the sand – aligns our soul and earth stars (vertical alignment).

We can also connect with Earth by devoting ourselves to Her via our own earthly vessel – our bodies. Nourishing and loving them, especially those legs and feet. Pampering them with scrubs, oils – washing away old energy each night and morning.

Walk in Beauty, my loves.

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