The rainbow bridge

“Crossing the Rainbow Bridge is a mythic metaphor for the evolution of consciousness….To restore the Rainbow Bridge is to reconnect to our own divinity, anchoring it in the world around us and healing the rifts that so plague the world.

Mythologically, the rainbow has always been a sign of hope – a connection between Heaven and Earth, a sign of harmony and peace. It was once believed that deities, spirits, and mortals passed along its bands of color both during life and after, protecting the indivisibility of sky and Earth. In Norse mythology, the Rainbow Bridge connected humans to the gods, and provided the link to Valhalla, the celestial palace where the gods had their dwelling…. In Hindu mythology, the goddess Maya created the world out of seven rainbow-hued veils. In Egyptian myth, it was the seven stoles of Isis; in Christianity, the seven veils of Salome; for the Babylonians, it was Ishtar’s rainbow-jeweled necklace; and for the Greeks, the winged Iris, who carried the gods’ messages to humans on Earth.

From Celtic myth, the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end represents a kind of Holy Grail – the lost vessel of spiritual renewal and fulfillment. Carl Jung referred to gold as the symbolic end product of inner alchemical transformation. Passage through the chakras is an alchemical process of increasing refinement that unites light and shadow, male and female, spirit and matter, all in the crucible of the body and psyche. The pot of gold is indeed the elusive philosopher’s stone that lures us into the heroic journey of transformation.

In the Turkish language, the word for rainbow literally means ‘bridge.’ Ancient myths tell us that as doomsday approaches, the Rainbow Bridge will be broken down, severing forever the connection between Heaven and Earth. As we face an uncertain future in the dawning of a new millenium, perhaps doomsday can be averted be reestablishing the Rainbow Bridge once again through the medium of our own consciousness.”

Anodea Judith, Eastern Body, Western Mind

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