Thank you Blue Moon ✵ Full in Aquarius


I rushed into the sound of chimes
my breath forcing the wind

and both awe struck and amused
I stood in that vortex
for a split second

the eye of the Wise One winking
at the power I am
too sacred to utter

so instead I lodged the feeling in my Heart
and Here I may always go
to remember

From where I stand on this precipice
a galaxy in between

yet the distinct feeling as the curtains blow
that I have been here before

Standing on the threshold of light and dark
and wondering what is the difference

You know these boundaries well, dear Moon,
for you shine brightest in the dark
and so I nodded to you in your full time bloom
as you showered me with light

and I thanked you
as your light settled into
each nook and cranny of my broken parts

and I thanked you
as each gnarled root in my body
untangling, wept and bled

and I thank you
as you cradle me –
this emerging, wise and childlike me –
in your web like womb

Between each beam of light is dark
and between each strand of darkness is light
and together they form your comforting womb
and I cannot really ask for more

Thank you Blue Moon

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