Etch me into the horizon

Draw the outline first so I’ll know where to stand
and in new light, recast my shadow
so I’ll learn where I’ve been
and where I must go

Stone to the Sea ✵ Peak Spring Equinox Eclipse Season

Sometimes change is slow and gradual. Other times it is rapid and unsettling to the forces that be, like when a stone is tossed into a pond and the ripples radiate out, then reflect back inwards, slowly dissipating within a pool of chaotic movement.

Ode to the Enchanted Land

It pulls my heart through the ribs, turns it inside out, smears it in the caverns of my cellular, memory, where the rich golden light of that beautiful, barren earth glows so earnestly against the bluest sky I ever saw.

Welcome this White Blanket

Snow crystals purify, rinsing our bodies and auras so we may sparkle like the winter landscape. Their symmetrical structure is the sacred Flower of Life, the blueprint of creation.