Sunburnt and star kissed, India and soul eclipsing

Sunburnt and star kissed, it must be eclipse season 🌚🌝

I went to India this summer.

I was reacquainted with landscapes familiar with my soul.

And emotions which have collected in the deepest layers of my memory.

Layers, folds and murk.

Sometimes it is easier to wade through in dreams.

The goddess of night arms us with shadow torches, but in the day, under the life illuminating torch of our sun, there is…so much.

We must search for shadows, but they are too subtle or grotesque for our fearful little hearts to heed, and this work is seemingly never done, and don’t we wish it would be.

But then there would be no mystery cavernous dreams to explore. And no fox tail to stop us in our tracks.

No angel sky to unarm us and make our little hearts swell with self recognition.

This is why we came.

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