Stone to the Sea ✵ Peak Spring Equinox Eclipse Season



There is always a watery element to Moon activity. Moon is a Feminine energetic quality who ebbs and flows, and the water in our bodies is sensitive to her push and pull just like the tides. In and out. Inhale and exhale. Rise and fall. There is a subtle rhythm to life—the Sea knows this. When we quiet the mind, we notice it, too.

The rhythm of tides can be soothing. Some people find it is easier to fall asleep to the backdrop of waves touching the surf. There is an inherent sense of harmony in this action, to most repetitive actions. Repetition creates a sense of expectancy, a feeling of stability. When the tide goes out we know it must next come in, and it always does.

Sometimes change is slow and gradual. Other times it is rapid and unsettling to the forces that be, like when a stone is tossed into a pond and the ripples radiate out, then reflect back inwards, slowly dissipating within a pool of chaotic movement.

Total. Solar. Eclipse. Equinox. New. Moon. Pisces.

It’s not just a mouth full. It’s body full, soul full, planetary full. Though “it” already happened a week ago, we’re still soaking in the aftermath. Such is the effect of an eclipse, like a stone tossed into our pond… and we are each a stone. Once plunged, our waters ripple out as if in a mass exodus—this is the powerful post-eclipse release. Then—perhaps just now, at the midpoint of eclipse season—they radiate back inward, colliding with the ripples remaining from the outward march.

So here we are, floating amongst the chaotic waters who are simultaneously floating out and in, and also dancing neither out nor in, but sort of within, folding and curling and swirling in on themselves. Sometimes the energy we project outward is amplified by this energy, other times it gets caught in the backward flow, occasionally even shooting back at us. Either way, this energy is intense and it is designed to cultivate radical change.

With radical change must come empowerment. We were not tossed into the sea mercilessly. We dove in.

I am the stone tossed to the sea by my own hand
I dive to greet what lies at the bottom me
and become the waters who channel my energy

I am the transformative waters of the eclipse
I am the heart and mind unleashed
I am in sync with the flow of my creativity

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