Sand, Sky, swallow me ✵ New Moon in Cancer


Grief does not change you… It reveals you.
~John Green

You dreamt of me
and wept for me

I was your greatest sorrow
and your highest passion

So boycott me

Don’t let me see where you’ve gone,
knowing all the while I’ll be lying
in your heart’s weary tide

It wasn’t mine, but I wanted it,
this pain, this forgotten dream in-between two seas,
where you are the continent

Sand, sky, swallow me

At night the waves just crash into me
and I let the silver stream of starlit beams
unfurl the wounds of my heart

So abandon me

Slip beneath the horizon
knowing all the while that you’ll rise
tomorrow and find me on the other side

In this round world of ours
as far as I can see
you’re right here with me

And so we let go
we take our leave from the tide’s eye
though the sand and stars are still etched with you and I

✶ ✶ ✶

Step into the waters of your grief, this world’s grief. Wade if you can. The waters of the Earth contain the collective tears of our Mothers and Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and Ancestors. We grieve for those who could not.

We shed these tears to nourish the soil of new life.

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