On the Threshold of Worlds ✵ New Moon in Aquarius-Pisces


Tonight is a rare Super New Moon in Aquarius – the second New Moon this month – and shifting right into Pisces just a couple minutes before the Sun follows. What a brilliant display of balanced Masculine-Feminine energy, the Feminine Moon informing the Masculine Sun, Form instructing Force. Yet the energy is circular ~ though we are experiencing these events in Earth time, outside of time, it is happening all at once. Masculine and Feminine appear at the same time, unified together in a harmonious partnership.

I am admiring how this circular nature manifests with this Moon, with the Aquarian Water Bearer pouring her wealth of ideas (thought – Masculine) into the rich emotional Piscean waters (emotion – Feminine). This exchange occurs over the threshold of Aquarius and Pisces, the space between thought and feeling. Earthlings are beginning to relearn that it comes through the Heart, that a healthy, balanced individual can trust hir feelings – the internal “knowing” felt in that powerful spot in the center of the chest – and allow those feelings to inform the thought processes in the mind.

This Heart-Mind connection channels our pure Spirit, that thing we call “consciousness” but struggle to define. Alone, the heart is a mere organ pumping blood; the mind, erroneously considered to be a gray pile of mushy brain firing synapses. Alone, the heart cannot communicate our emotions to be processed, and so they fester, unresolved, seemingly inconvenient and even frightening to the solo mind; meanwhile the mind, when cut off from the heart and from the rest of the body by further erroneous thinking that mind = brain, runs rampant with overthinking, overanalysis and overworking. This overstimulated brain activity is all in vain, for the byproduct of brain-centered activity is, indeed, quite “mental”! It never addresses the deeper values and concerns of humanity, the stuff that matters at the end of the day and at the end of a lifetime. The current state of our planet is evidence of such heart/mind discord.

But a solution exists: open the channels of the Heart and Mind, connect them, let consciousness/Spirit/whatever-you-wanna-call-it flow through. This Super New Moon is supporting us in this process by allowing us to cross the threshold between Mind and Heart.

Both Aquarius and Pisces are concerned with the greater good: they are the wise bookends of the zodiac journey, determined to improve humanity and help others. Aquarius – the genius of the zodiac – utilizes intellect and ingenuity for this purpose. We are in the Age of Aquarius now and we need this brilliant, forward-thinking energy to work quickly, efficiently and in a revolutionary fashion, for if we don’t change and change fast, the consequences would be dire. Yet this Super New Moon is reminding us that we must continue to check in with the Heart, dip into the Piscean waters. Pisces represents every aspect of humanity’s emotional body – offering sanctity, support, healing and unconditional love. This is how the Male/Female is exchanging within us and around us – what we have begun to know globally, we must know personally, and vice versa.

One of the major lessons the Divine Feminine is bringing to us at this time has to do with boundaries. Feminine defines boundaries, form, shapes, geometries; hence why the Moon is helping us to define this threshold between Mind and Heart before the Sun pulls us through it. What happens to humanity and to the Earth is also happening to our souls and to our bodies. Now more than ever in recent history, we understand that we are all One. But this is not the only lesson the Divine Feminine is bringing to us. We must be conscious of our individual boundaries and accept that being One does not erase the fact our soul is unique and it has a physical body. Oneness does not eradicate our individuality; rather, it suggests that what we feel, think and do does have a profound impact on everyone else.

There is no longer any reason to doubt our capabilities or “if it will help” or “how much it will help.” If our Minds are trusting our Hearts and we know that it is the right thing to do… Just do it! It’s coming through the Heart and it is Truth. We are moving into a phase of accountability in which we must live up to our highest known order. It starts with the emotion, what comes from the Heart, for our feelings are how we experience this time-space continuum. Let us allow and honor our feelings and those of others, even when our logic cannot make sense of them. Embrace ambiguity, indulge complexity, do not fear contradiction ~ just an illusion. It will take us time to fully open and let roll the Heart-Mind connection, and so we must expect that our mental activity will still be overactive at times. This is ok. When the mind is stimulated, let us channel the brilliance of Aquarius, and like the Water Bearer, let us pour all of our ideas into the Piscean waters, crossing the threshold, ensuring we address our emotional needs. Respect the Mind, Honor the Heart.

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