Moonsleep ✵ Full Moon in Pisces

art by JAMILA

I call it moonsleeping.

When you are technically awake yet feel as though you are walking through a dream.

When the world around you feels softer, more fluid, and each shift in the wind or stranger passing by brings forth a new curious omen, halting you in your tracks.

When the invisible world merges with the visible.

Your senses are heightened, your intuition is ripe. This is the time to explore, to play, to indulge your curiosity and trust your instincts.

This is the power of the Moon incarnate. Moon is intuition, fertility, creation, dreams, all things Feminine, magical and mystical. Now Moon is fueling your waking perception into a heightened state of consciousness, and most likely magnifying the power of your dreams.

There are many feelings to sort through. But, do you really feel the way you feel? It is hardly ever one thing, and it rarely remains constant.

Moonsleeping, it is not the thing that matters, but how we relate to it. The moment we change our perception, a dream shifts. Our dreams are guided by our emotions and respond to each of our impulses, changing their settings, characters and tones to match just how we feel.

This happens when we are awake as well, though it is not always as instantaneous, then. It can be so subtle, it may be missed, except for the trained eye.

Yet the veil is being lifted now. What’s under the veil?

Oh, just everything magnificent and repulsive about ourselves.

As artist Robert Genn once wrote, “It is time to be spiritual once again.” Our Mother Earth and all its creatures depend on our full conscious awareness to survive.

Get ready. Like you did before. Like you will keep doing. Again and again. Aren’t you glad you’re alive today?

Blessings, Dear Moonsleepers

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