Mixing magic

Mixing magic.

The Earth speaks through all her creatures, all her creatures’ parts, every petal, feather and fragment.

We only hear her when we may pause to experience the blessing before us.

Her sound is not silent but subtle. It rustles and croaks, sound waves spanning relative eons to our human minute.

And so we hear her when we are not just quiet to the ear, but quiet in our minds.
Go forth.
Move, shake, shudder, sing.

You do not have to be still, for you are always vibrating on a cellular level.

Simply be present with your movement. Notice how the wind carries you, the light melts onto you, the brush wipes the day from your feet.

How the trees shelter you, the hawk honors you and the stars wink when you thought no one was looking.

This is what magic is, and what it always was.

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