I AM the Sun reflected in the Moon ✵ Full Moon in Leo

I AM Full Moon in Leo by JAMILA

I AM the Sound of the silent Heart,
the Letter never sent, I AM
the dying Ember to rekindle the Flame, I AM
always Different and eternally Same

I AM the Breath at the bottom of Sea, I AM
the Books on the shelves of my DNA

I AM the Blood and the Remedy,
the Inverse and the Antidote, I AM
the Sorrow and the Praise

I AM the Child and the Elder,
the River in the Sand, I AM
my Destiny,
my reflection in the Eagle’s Eye

I AM the Talon and the Feather,
the Severance and the Unity, I AM
the Birth and the Destruction

I AM the Firecracker in the Snow,
the Trumpet and the Bow, I AM
the Ancient and the Seed,
the Ebb and the Flow

I AM the Lion in the Lamb,
the Whisper and the Roar

I AM the Sun reflected in the Moon

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