Gypsy, sitting on my moon crescent

The Girl in the moon art by JAMILA

sitting on my moon crescent,
looking out over the luminous, quaint world,
as if one of many, just mine.
What shall I do with it?

Though the year wanes, the moon waxes. We are building momentum, collecting the stones for the temples we must erect. It is time to make lists and gather resources, but also time to throw out the lists and other potentially procrastinating habits if they are not authentically serving us. We are entering the flow of 2015. The tides will accelerate their pace as the year progresses.

The closure of a year invites us to dip in our toes and grace the edge of time’s pool, blending our consciousness with the ease of contemplation. Here we may rest for a moment. Look out over your own quaint world; reflect on your past lessons and speculate your future goals. Charged by the light of a budding moon, your reflection is optimistic and bright.

This may be because you are beginning to understand that your past is a collection of stones from temples built, destroyed and rebuilt. For You are your own Temple.

And you will continue to spark, combust, burst into life, grow dark, wither, erode, shed, migrate, eclipse and orbit your way through existence for as long as you so desire. For You are your own Universe.

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