Irrigation of the Heart & Body ✵ Full Moon in Virgo

irrigation of heart and body

This cosmic event is an exciting continuation of our reordering in consciousness, a followup to the Mind-Heart alignment ushered in last month by the New Moon in Aquarius-Pisces (if you missed it or need a refresher: On the Threshold of Worlds).

There was some speculation that this Moon would be displeasing to Virgo, though we need to consider, first of all: all full moons bring some level of chaos and discomfort, for Moon is Yin, Unconscious, Eternity.  C’est la vie. Also, as we move into this new age of expanding consciousness, we might begin sensing beyond the stereotypical masculine lean-tos. Let us look past the cliche old-world Virgoan traits – chiefly, chastity (patriarchal) and OCD (dark male). She is pure, yes: pure of mind and spirit; ergo, her energy is sustainable, an emblem of harmony and structure. When Moon bulges to fullness in Virgo, we experience a truly spectacular earthly balance. Virgo energy is often quiet and modest, serving us from behind the scenes, so it is easy to forget her power. And isn’t that like the Earth? Humbly supporting us moment to moment, never asking for anything in return. On the lunar stage, Virgo doesn’t request admiration, though her stunning ability to create some order amongst the chaos, to make chaos itself feel somehow orderly, deserves resounding applause.

The Mind-Heart alignment has deepened with the help of this Full Moon. Our Hearts were opening at expansive rates over the past year, and by the Aquarius New Moon we were finally ready to experience the spirited beginnings of this radical shift in consciousness, this reconnection of Heart-Mind. In the third-dimensional world, they exist as seeming contradictions, and so the New Moon was a thrilling opportunity for crossing the threshold between opposites, for traversing the unknown and journeying to the Void. We dipped our  toes into the new waters of our Hearts and there we have been swimming. It is – and continues to be – a time for cleansing. Releasing. After all the growth we have experienced thus far, the healing wisdom of Pisces completes the cycle and sets us up for a new zodiac year. Yes, we have been clearing and letting go for a long time. But it is different now, yes?

Since the beginning of 2015 the shifts have been more frequent and more intense, and our bodies have experienced the brunt of this detoxification of this process, as well as the side effects of our consciousness shifting between dimensions of time & space (headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, overall soreness, shifts in appetite, sleep patterns,  fatigue, insomnia – and the list goes on). This is where the Virgo Full Moon delivers us just what we need: whereas the New Moon focused on thoughts/feelings due to the air/water combination, today’s Moon brings our attention to our bodies with a lovely water/earth combo. There are so many relationships of water and earth – water cascading down rock, waves lapping on sandy shores, rivers carving through lush forest. But with the Sun in Pisces – an energy deeply concerned with the welfare of humanity – we need a metaphor of integration for this Full Moon which addresses the micro and macro.

I dreamt last night of the irrigation of the Nile.

Oh, it was a glorious event. On the one hand – true to our reality here on Earth – there was some disarray and confusion, for the previous crop locations were no longer useful and the flooding had relocated. We weren’t exactly in Egypt. There was much work to do, but there was no sense of despair. We all felt a genuine, inherent sense of duty – Virgo in all her glory – and everyone came together in the fields on a sun-filled day, steeped in the mud of rich beginnings as fresh seeds were planted. The groundwork for new rows of agriculture were laid into the land, a revolutionary patchwork. The land was our land, and we took care to cultivate this sacred, life-supporting space by filling it with life-giving water. The land was our body, and the water was our love.

Before, there was no water for the field; we were in a long, long drought. Our Hearts are opening and the ensuing flood is sudden and unexpected, but we must rejoice! It doesn’t matter where it comes or how it comes. Here it is. Let us be present, let us channel the pure, diligent, dutiful spirit of Virgo to help us tune in consciously and thoughtfully to our bodies, allowing this new loving consciousness to seep into every cell, nurturing our souls.

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