From the Source: Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an amulet seen throughout the Middle East. Known as the wedjat eye by the ancient Egyptians, or “sound eye,” it is renowned for its power to protect. The essence of this amulet’s power is worthy of deeper exploration, one of my lifelong missions… as evidenced by my logo. Part of this decoding process involves analysis of the associated mythology. Let it be known that I do not view myth as fable; rather, I consider all of humanity’s stories as part of the greater tapestry of this Earthly existence. Whether fact or fiction is not the point of any story. More important is the meaning we derive from it.

Egyptian legend tells the story of how this eye came to be. It began as an eye of Horus, a falcon-headed deity associated with the sky and divine power. Horus’ right eye was the Sun (Masculine) and his left eye the Moon (Feminine). It is not clear which eye was torn out by Set, though this is an interesting question. In any case, Horus lost one of his two eyes in battle with his brother Set, associated with the desert, storm and destruction. Thoth, inventor of language, writing and keeper of the records of all things, reconstituted the eye and it became known as the “uninjured eye.” Horus then offered this eye to his dead brother, Osiris, and its power was so strong that it brought him back to life.

Eye of Horus by JAMILA, moonstone, rose quartz, carnelian

The Eye of Horus’ power is unique to its reconstituted state. The process of being restored imbued the eye with a power it did not possess when originally intact. To begin understanding the power of the Eye of Horus, we must understand the power of Thoth. Egyptian “gods” are best understood as incarnations of their energies. What we know about them now is a slim trickle of information from a truly vast spring of wisdom. Thoth, according to the most sacred sources, was not just a god, but the first Earthly being who learned how to be immortal. Death to the body is a result of accumulated toxicity, whether via an acute illness or more general “wear and tear” of the organism. To master immortality, Thoth learned how to transmute all toxicity in the body. From what I understand, Thoth applied the same transmutational energy he utilized in achieving immortality as he did in another resurrection story of Osiris: when brother Set struck another time, killing Osiris, their sister, the Great Earth Mother, Isis (also Osiris’ wife), reassembled him with Thoth’s help. Thoth’s power to heal and immortalize restored the Eye of Horus, birthing an amulet that channels the power of Thoth. Thus the sound eye is imbued with the power to transmute, to recreate, to reconstruct, to rebirth. It is this ability to transmute energy that enables the amulet to “protect.” Any negative energy surrounding the amulet bearer is transmuted.

An Eye of Horus is a powerful amulet in and of itself, though I am discovering, in my series From the Source, how to channel the power of Thoth to magnify the intensity of the amulet. My discoveries, TBA.

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