Expand your petals and let the light of your Heart flow

photo by JAMILA

The Yogis know that the Solstice time is a time of powerful energy. When the cycle of sunlight reaches its peak, there is a tremendous amount of Prana available. It’s an important time for study of spiritual teachings, for yoga practice and for meditation.
~Jai Dev Singh

In the light of Solstice, there is no holding back.

We are illuminated. Life is on fire. So let’s face it.

What gets you a-flutter? What gives you that special warm feeling inside, or maybe it’s that liberating I COULD MOVE MOUNTAINS . . . RIGHT NOW kind of feeling.

Notice also what makes you cringe, what triggers your spirit to flee. What provokes you to erect a barricade around yourself.

Maybe your spirit struggles to flee or erect that barricade and instead sinks into the mud of something sort of… icky.

Observe what drags you out of bed full of enthusiasm, just at the sheer thought of it.

Observe also what makes you wish you hadn’t woken up yet.

Maybe you wish you hadn’t woken up yet because of your delicious of dreams.

Notice and observe what is right in front of you, what is shining and glinting, the yellow lotus on the surface of the green pool. You are that golden flower, sprung of mud and murk, birthed in water and drinking sunlight.

Shine. Spread. Let the sunlight in your Heart open your petals like rays, extending out into the Universe and blessing everything it touches.

Remember: there is no perfect flower. There is no perfection in this lot of time-space in which we exist on Earth. The flower’s purpose is not to grow in symmetry, without tears or torn petals. She contains the blueprint of Sacred  Geometry in her DNA, but her expression of self in Earthly space-time is relative to her unique purpose. For she must grow in right alignment with her environment, prospering amongst her neighbors in the garden in whatever shape or form that might be. Obstacles are a part of life. She weathers the rain and wind, the bustling days and the quiet nights. She is also a source of nutrition to her ecosystem, a landing station for other creatures, and sometimes a symbolic offering in the rituals of folks like us human beings. So you see, her mission through all of this, her destiny as “flower” is simply to grow, and her authentic blossoming is harmonious with her surroundings.

Your mission is to grow, to expand, to blossom as the flower as your authentic self, whatever that may be. You always carry the Sacred Geometry, your Divine Self in all you do – it guides you through whatever obstacles you encounter.

Let’s do it. Let’s be a garden.

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