I am capable of life

“Conscious living” need be no more complex
than noticing the sky and hearing what
the clouds have to say

Burn with undying devotion

Their resilience and enthusiasm is, in essence, a form of devotion. Devotion to life, to growth, to regeneration in spite of whatever hindrances remain.

You are the only Hero

Wake, wake. Begin to awaken now. You have been in a deep slumber for so long, you may have dreamed of this place, and so you may not realize that you are almost awake. Where your dream’s end merges with waking’s beginnings – that is the threshold of higher consciousness.

Follow me to your surrender

There are spiritual worlds where fairies dwell… sometimes they are closer than we might think, tucked snugly in that space… you know, that space in-between?

Ode to the One I lie upon

Always back to you. I come as I am, and you never judge me. I come to you as rain to soil, snow to branches. You are the One I lie upon. I give myself to you, you who always accepts me, who knows me without trying.

Blessing from the Stars

Monks wash my face
and pine needles purify my feet

yet to remove this dead, decaying outer layer
which no longer serves to guard my boundaries
I must use my nails