Allow the Universe to find you

Allow the Universe to find you by JAMILA 8x10in mixed media on dictionary paper

Don’t sit down in the middle of the woods. If you’re lost in the plot or blocked, retrace your steps to where you went wrong. Then take the other road.
—Margaret Atwood

There are no mistakes, no false steps, no regrets in life, just experiences. To move forward, allow the Universe to find you. Make yourself known, { clarify } yourself, even if only for yourself ~ 14c. – “make illustrious, make known,” from Late Latin clarificare “to make clear” or “to glorify,” and earlier Latin clarificus “brilliant,” as well as clarus “clear, distinct.”

The Hawk’s eye can feel almost frighteningly penetrating, and for a small animal, this would be an accurate emotional response to a bird of prey. But Hawk does not hunt humans; we have nothing to fear from Hawk. In fact, the Hawk fetish (like Eagle & Falcon) is a symbol of pure Spirit, our connection to the Divine. Encountering the Hawk’s piercing eyesight is a metaphor for our spirit seeking us out to make a connection.

So if Hawk crosses your path, let Hawk find you. If Hawk preys on you in a dream, offer yourself up to Hawk – it will be a communion of your Earth Body/Mind & Spirit. Hear the Hawk cry? Your Destiny is calling you, acknowledging that you are on the right path in that moment. Put simply, allow Hawk to find you, for you are Hawk, you are the Universe!

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