Access infinity through any element

photo by JAMILA

Embrace me into your infinity
~Mirabai Ceiba

Before the lotus appears its presence is felt in the infinite potential of the pond, where the mud (subconscious, underworld) and sky (heaven) merge on the water’s surface, where the leaves float gracefully, supported by their umbilical chord like root system.

Do you feel the dazzling murk rising and falling?

As we adjust to the flexing time and space continuum, let us take time to float in our infinite grace, always accessible to us in our sacred pond of loving meditation.

You do not need to light 1,001 candles or achieve nirvana to meditate.

You just need to present.

Sometimes “meditation” is that simple… just floating like the lotus leaf, being in time and space and observing the elements that surround us – fire, earth, water, air.

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