spark the r e M E M B E R ing

I requested to be admitted into the regions of my imbalances.

For like abandoned fortresses, they become foreign lands after enough cells replicate, and their native stories unsung are lost to the overgrowth of a new civilization known as dysfunction, a fast growing empire who would have us believe it was and always will be so.

At a certain point in healing, there is a loss of arms, of the desire to conquer or claim the body. It cannot be tamed or forced into balance. Such dichotomy of will and being objectifies the body and further alienates the self from its true haven of e m b o d i m e n t.

The old stories never leave us. They recede into the safety of jungled nooks and underwater caves, waiting to initiate the compassionate ears of wounded healers, who once readmitted into this ancient landscape, form the elixir with just a few words whispered from those sacred tales to spark the r e M E M B E R ing.

Member / n / c1300 body part, organ, integral part of an animal with a specific function, c1400 part of a greater whole

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