You are the only Hero

art by JAMILA

Wake, wake. Begin to awaken now. You have been in a deep slumber for so long, you may have dreamed of this place, and so you may not realize that you are almost awake. Where your dream’s end merges with waking’s beginnings – that is the threshold of higher consciousness.

You are here, now, so that you can merge these two worlds within your being. Indeed you stand at the pinnacle of your evolution.

You are fighting the greatest battle of all time.

So wield your sword, Warrior. But know you are not battling anyone other than your Self. As soon as you wield your sword, you will also need to surrender to it.

Remember: your sword is Love and you, Warrior of the Light, are not fighting to the death, but for Life. Aim at the Heart – your Heart – a shot of love, and cut through through the walls, all the defenses. They are all parts of you even though they may come disguised as others. You can do this. You are the hero, the only hero of your epic.

Only you can face your own Heart.

You are not alone, for you exist in a dimension filled with wounded hearts awaiting their heros.
Do you believe in them?
Do you believe in yourself?

Let us find solace in our collective destiny, for this compassionate support will lift us through the gates of this threshold and into the loving, harmonious, balanced existence we long to live.

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