Welcome this White Blanket

photo by JAMILA

Welcome this beautiful white blanket. When it snows, Big Mama is simultaneously tucking us into the warmth of our light-filled hearts – by forcing us to stay indoors with dear ones, and She is clearing us – snow crystals purify, rinsing our bodies and auras so we may sparkle like the winter landscape. Their symmetrical structure is the sacred Flower of Life, the blueprint of creation.

This year has been intense, frenetic and demanding from the start. We are downloading so much new and wonderful energy and this can be overwhelming to our bodies, as well as taxing to our minds, who are trying to keep up and firing at a rapid pace. Mercury Retrograde is helping to slow us down a bit through these shifts, though he brings us challenges as well. We all need a break. Those without a snow day – take care and give yourself space to rest and recharge, too. Blessings.

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