Remember when wisdom trickled softly in the background of every moment/ e v e r f l o w i n g in the fountain in the courtyard of our collective spirit

Follow me to your surrender

There are spiritual worlds where fairies dwell… sometimes they are closer than we might think, tucked snugly in that space… you know, that space in-between?

Ode to the One I lie upon

Always back to you. I come as I am, and you never judge me. I come to you as rain to soil, snow to branches. You are the One I lie upon. I give myself to you, you who always accepts me, who knows me without trying.

Blessing from the Stars

Monks wash my face
and pine needles purify my feet

yet to remove this dead, decaying outer layer
which no longer serves to guard my boundaries
I must use my nails

Ode to the Enchanted Land

It pulls my heart through the ribs, turns it inside out, smears it in the caverns of my cellular, memory, where the rich golden light of that beautiful, barren earth glows so earnestly against the bluest sky I ever saw.

Proclaim your Truth ✵ New Moon in Aquarius

From the letters of your Past to the wings of your Future, you are a wondrous, evolving being. Proclaim your Truth, even if others don’t understand. Then proclaim it again. For you are a Holy One and you are not alone.