We are instruments of Light

There are no singular shifts in our evolution here on Earth. Energy never dies. We are just continually pivoting, reorienting our beings with each macro or micro shift our beautiful, chaotic, big-little planet endures. Throughout our lifetime, from life into death and back into life again. Like a telescope, we are instruments of Light, refining our technology every day.

autumnal pond universe

An entire Universe

In a world teeming with light, life, scent and sound, it is usually in the spaces, the pauses where we will meet our higher selves.

big mama listening, grounding, connecting to our Mother Earth

For I, like the Earth

When I place my hand on a tree I can feel tremendous life energy pumping through it – this is chi, universal life force. But I can also feel it feeling me. We have an exchange.


I admire the Earth’s bones

Eighty years to a human complexion is like 800,000 years to the earth’s bones, and I think it’s quite true, as legend goes, that the rocks and minerals of the earth possess the wisdom of past souls.