Burn with undying devotion

Their resilience and enthusiasm is, in essence, a form of devotion. Devotion to life, to growth, to regeneration in spite of whatever hindrances remain.

Ode to the Enchanted Land

It pulls my heart through the ribs, turns it inside out, smears it in the caverns of my cellular, memory, where the rich golden light of that beautiful, barren earth glows so earnestly against the bluest sky I ever saw.

May the Power & Glory be ours

We shall begin writing new stories. We are now tuning our bodies like forks to the song of a New Age, and if we breathe deep, relax the mind and body, and open our hearts – there it is, do you feel it? The early pulses of our new song, the preliminary whispers of stories to come.

Welcome this White Blanket

Snow crystals purify, rinsing our bodies and auras so we may sparkle like the winter landscape. Their symmetrical structure is the sacred Flower of Life, the blueprint of creation.

Walk in Beauty

During this Mercury Retrograde (January 21-February 11) we are releasing down, out the body through our root chakras, shedding the old cells and belief systems which used to guide our gait. We are learning to integrate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, inviting in balance by growing new legs, new stems and new roots for a healthier relationship with Big Mama.