proclaim and proclaim it again

Proclaim your Truth ✵ New Moon in Aquarius

From the letters of your Past to the wings of your Future, you are a wondrous, evolving being. Proclaim your Truth, even if others don’t understand. Then proclaim it again. For you are a Holy One and you are not alone.


Intention: the fire starter for this January

When the Fire Starter hesitates before the kindling, worried the flames may not catch, she witnesses the flames die, no matter how much kindling she adds. But when she empowers herself by trusting her lighting ability, she gives power to the Fire and witnesses the flames ignite.

The Winged Tiger by JAMILA

Tale of the Winged Tiger

What if we enable our Higher Selves to consistently function in all situations, for all purposes; let go of the facades, remove our masks? What if we crushed the stoicism only sought to protect us from our own projected fears?

The Girl in the moon art by JAMILA

Gypsy, sitting on my moon crescent

The closure of a year invites us to dip in our toes and grace the edge of time’s pool, blending our consciousness with the ease of contemplation. Here we may rest for a moment. Look out over your own quaint world; reflect on your past lessons and speculate your future goals. Charged by the light of a budding moon, your reflection is optimistic and bright.

meditate wisdom and tools to move with our planetary shifts in consciousness

Lifting the veil of the heart

Now is the time to lift the veil from our hearts, to uncover our core and begin living purposefully and consciously in alignment with what we may have been calling “ideals” in the past, but what has actually always been, simply, our rue potential.

Allow the Universe to find you by JAMILA 8x10in mixed media on dictionary paper

Allow the Universe to find you

There are no mistakes, no false steps, no regrets in life, just experiences. To move forward, allow the Universe to find you. Make yourself known, { clarify } yourself, even if only for yourself ~ 14c. – “make illustrious, make known”…

eye of horus1  sand crystals

From the Source: Eye of Horus

An Eye of Horus is a powerful amulet in and of itself, though I am discovering, in my series From the Source, how to channel the power of Thoth to magnify the intensity of the amulet.