Singing in the dark ✵ New Moon in Aries


There were monsters beneath our bed
and we were scared until we taught them all to sing
and then we had a laugh instead
~The Pierces

There is light in the dark.

When you teach your inner demons to sing, they cultivate a lustrous art. This is your soul’s healing song and it comes from the heart. From gathering all those pieces, each and every part. Honor your multidimensional tones and let the chorus start.

Fire to the east and water to the west, blessed flood of cleansing waters, nurture our seeds so they may come out of their skin and self destruct in the name of growth. Beloved Kali, revered Goddess of creation, we offer our old selves to your regenerative power. Feast on that which no longer serves us.

☆ Happy New Moon in Aries

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