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art by JAMILA

Our hearts contain a collection of stories. The painful ones seem to stick the most to the Heart… it never forgets a tear. This is because the Heart is our lifeline on Earth, both body and spirit.

While Soul can live in a body without a limb or an appendix, and can even live in a body missing an eye or kidney, it cannot live in a body without a Heart. It is the oracle through which our Soul can speak. The Heart is the channel through which our Soul’s song sings.

What is your Soul’s song this New Moon in Leo?


Many say that angels are not human-like at all, more like balls of light. They do not need wings to fly, instead beaming themselves across dimensions of higher consciousness. This is probably true.

Where does the winged humanoid figure come from, then? This is a question whose answer is quite diverse, crossing cultures, texts, spiritual systems and art histories.

I pose the question now, though, thinking mostly of anatomy.

I tell everyone, you have wings.

Our wings are an extension of our scapulae, the bones of our shoulder blades, connecting our arms to our to necks via the humerus and clavicle. Triangular in shape, this bone possesses the energetic quality we see in ancient pyramids. Pyramid structure focuses energy and provides an energetic channel for simultaneous grounding (downward force) and connection to Heaven (upward force) – perfect balance of a human body. It also holds the power of three, a number of manifestation, the cycle of creation: 1 element + 1 element = 2, a third element.

These mighty powerful bones surround our Heart chakra. So you see, your Heart has wings. Roll back your shoulders, drawing in your shoulder blades. Raising your Heart, say it out loud. “My heart has wings.” How does that feel? Kind of awesome, right? Perhaps like the regal, wise and experienced Leo, the Lion? Roar your song.

Perhaps not always, though. When our Hearts are broken, we lose our connection with our wings. The energy surrounding our scapulae, our Heart chakra is weakened, and our wings droop, torn like a wounded bird.

If you are feeling your wings spread like an Archangel, I bow before you and honor your power.

If you feel wingless, my Heart goes out to you. Your wings are not gone forever. They will grow back when you are ready, I promise. Do not be afraid to roar your song. Roar your sadness, your grief, your anger. Let your Heart sing. Let your Soul speak. And for now, I invite you: do come and rest under my wings. There is enough room here for all of us.

♥  ♥ ♥

Blessed New Moon

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