May the Power & Glory be ours


Breathe deep into your Heart, deeper into your naval, to your source of power, your Solar Plexus. Oh and go deeper, filling every limb and finger and toe with your breath, holding it at the tip of your tailbone. Feel how the breath pauses at our tails, or Roots. Earth does not need us to breathe into Her. She wants us to save every drop of breath for our exhale, so we might unburden ourselves of the old stories which we do not need.

We, the Feminine, the blooming beauties – in women and in men. As we breathe deeply the power and glory may be ours!

We shall begin writing new stories. We are now tuning our bodies like forks to the song of a New Age, and if we breathe deep, relax the mind and body, and open our hearts – there it is, do you feel it? The early pulses of our new song, the preliminary whispers of stories to come.

Let them come when they call and write them down if you can. Speak them, sing them, share them, savor them. This is the sacred poetry humanity lost and shall find. Though We are not uncovering what was. We are uncovering what will be.

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