Lifting the veil of the heart

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Humanity has been called to action.

The last time Uranus and Pluto squared1 was in the transformational 1960s. It is no coincidence that the world is experiencing a renewed surge of protest against injustice and a simultaneous awakening to higher consciousness energies of justice, health, equality and compassion. We are finishing what was begun decades ago. It is a sweepingly collective, global shift; however, it is only made possible by individual healing and growth.

For many of us, none of our traditional authority figures—parents, guardians, teachers—taught us how to heal the Self. So we sought information in books, on the internet, in foreign lands, under the guidance of gurus and mentors. And perhaps we learned along the journey that we must seek truth within ourselves. For this time of change, this life-or-death crossroads of our planet is very much fixated and reliant upon individual responsibility.

The pressure is on, yes, but not for us to prove ourselves for the sake of others. Pressure is only one side of the coin of Responsibility. There are two sides to every coin. On the flip side is Empowerment! Self healing, while absolutely challenging at times, is ultimately a process of self-actualization, of coming into personal power and fulfilling the soul’s potential. Now is the time to lift the veil from our hearts, to uncover our core and begin living purposefully and consciously in alignment with what we may have been calling “ideals” in the past, but what has actually always been, simply, our true potential. The Uranus-Pluto square energy is a shocking wake-up call, forcing us to examine all the ways in which our lives are unbalanced and provoking us to do something about it.

Uncovering our true potential
It is important to understand that the injustice begins with ourselves. For every time we allow fear to influence our actions, think negatively about ourselves, neglect our boundaries or judge our feelings—as wrong, shameful, idealistic, and so on—we are committing an injustice against ourselves. This personal injustice influences our perspective as we approach others, whether we intend it or not. Our thoughts and feelings act as a filter. This is why global change is so dependent on personal change: we must remove any negative filters before we can see, clearly, the collective mission and the role we can play within it. Fortunately, we all have the power to shift our perspectives, and since our perspectives contain energy, shifting our own perspective can change the world. A century ago, Einstein recognized this energetic principle, though humankind in the 20th century was not ready to integrate his principles into an understanding of our own energy. But a bridge is being formed between our Selves and the Stars. As challenging and turbulent as contemporary life may be, as Jean Houston encourages us: “We have an opportunity to play a role in the greatest transition drama the world has ever seen.”

The challenge for so many has been to let go and trust, to embrace the changes brought about no matter how devastating they may have felt at the time. To look into the darkness, of self, of other, of life and to recognize that within it lays the deepest wisdom, the most enduring truths.

This past year has been about acknowledging and owning the personal and collective shadow in order to recognize that it is not some dreadful realm to be feared, rejected and denied but simply another part of ourselves to be embraced, accepted and, in doing so, brought into the wholeness of all that we are.
Sarah Varcas

I return again and again to Kwan Yin during this intense period of change. Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kwan Yin is the soft, loving voice within us who nurtures us through our difficulties. We are constantly poked, prodded, challenged and triggered through these changes, just as the Earth quakes, rumbles and storms as She seeks to find a balance, too. Through these volatile times, we must remember to be compassionate with ourselves and with others. In the words of author Victoria Erickson, “when you reach your edge, soften.” For connecting heart-to-heart is the very energy which will change our lives, our societies and our planet. In a nutshell, we are relearning that Love is key to thriving on Planet Earth.

Connecting with the energy of Kwan Yin helps me to soften and unveil my heart, as does the following exercise:

A healing meditation to unveil the Heart

  • 1. First, recognize the need to shift your energy. It doesn’t matter why or how you entered a state that doesn’t feel good; all you need to know is, “This doesn’t feel right, and I want it to change.”
  • 2.  Take a deep breath to begin shifting your energy, focusing on your intention to soften.
  • 3.  Close the eyes. Breathe at whatever pace feels natural at first, allowing the breath to slow its pace and deepen into your inner world.
  • 4.  Call upon Kwan Yin and your Guides to assist you in the unveiling of your heart.
  • 5. Place both hands over your heart, one on top of the other or side-by-side. The order in which you will place your hands is dependent upon the current balance of Feminine and Masculine energies within your body, which may be in flux. Feel out what is right for you in this moment, and change it later if you are called to do so.
  • 6.  Breathe deeply into this posture. Your hands are coming into contact with the veil surrounding your heart. If your heart is veiled, it is trying to protect itself and has likely been wounded in the past. Send love, forgiveness and compassion to your heart for as long as it needs. Let your heart speak! And listen to your heart.
  • 7.  Nurturing your heart naturally lifts its veil. You may feel a mixture of emotions arise as you unveil your heart, and this is good! Breathe through each feeling and continue allowing your hands to comfort your heart.
  • 8.  Your heart will begin to feel clearer and stronger. Wait until it feels balanced and restored and then complete the unveiling in a way that feels most supportive to your ritual: if your heart needs some additional unveiling, you may wish to sweep your hands across your chest, like drawing the energetic curtains; or, you may wish to simply bring your hands into prayer prose; or perhaps you may like to bring your hands down to the Earth to ground; etc.
  • 9. Close your ritual by giving thanks to Kwan Yin and your Guides. And thank your heart opening! Your unveiled heart might light up with love and gratitude, thanking you back. Namaste Hearts of the World ♡

1. A square occurs when two celestial bodies form a 90° angle with Earth. This orientation spurs a redirection in consciousness.

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