Kaleidoscoping the mind ✵ New Moon in Capricorn + Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

eye of purusha in the sand

Slow it down to speed it up.

Time is not purely linear, life is not black & white, and we are not discrete, unique entities governed solely by logic.

Time is relative, life is sometimes gray or exploding with color, and we are both individuals and connected.

So sometimes we need to slow down in certain capacities in order to speed up in others. A New Moon is a fresh palette, setting the tone for the next moon cycle. In Taurus, she is solid and grounded in her expectation that we clear the schedule, kick off our shoes and get our hands dirty. This is the slow part. Taking time every day to close the eyes and breathe. To look at the sky. To let time pass for moments uncounted. To let the mind wander.

Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini reinvigorates our thought processes and our ideas, inviting us to reexamine, review and repattern these circuits. We may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated during these few weeks ahead. This is the speedy part. Though if we take a Tauran cue and allow ourselves to sink into the ground and be dazzled by the stars from time to time, we’ll find the necessary space for our neural activity to synchronize itself with who we were, who we are becoming… and who we truly are.

Perhaps put best by an accountant friend: “I space out…I guess it’s meditating?” Inventors, creators and geniuses of all kinds know that their mindless moments are the same as their mindful ones. For it is on our dreams, daydreams and imaginations that we access the fuel for our ideas. Not because those places are better than our waking physical reality, but because that process of shifting, of allowing ourselves to experience both completes us.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
~Albert Einstein

When our consciousness shifts, we see with different eyes. In ancient Vedic culture, it is called the eye of Purusha, or the eye of the Universe. What we think while seeing with our universal eye is difficult to put into words at first, yes? Though the more we access this rejuvenating space of mellow meditation by simply surrendering to the glorious space we are physically inhabiting in this moment, by letting our minds wander and our hearts be freed, the thought forms will begin to crystallize into more solid ideas. These are the seeds we must plant now, the seeds asking to be sowed. It is ok if we don’t know what kinds of plants they will grow into – this is Mercury retrograde, after all.

The beauty of growing a new garden during this time is the sacred trust we can experience with our creative selves, the pure knowing that something will grow, and it just might be more exciting to wait and see what kind of wondrous array of diverse buds and blossoms form. The most important experience to have now, the most beneficial and fruitful one is this feeling of devotion to the new life we are planting. It comes in the form of nurturing our perceptions – acknowledging, honoring, communicating, respecting and cultivating them. Understanding that our perception is not any one thing, but a kaleidoscope-like tool through which we can shift not just how we view the world, but how we experience it, too. This sacred duty of tending to a thought garden is the necessary prepwork for materializing those aspects of our life begging to be fed and watered, the seeds of growth needed to reach our goals. Dutifully tended, it will become the harvest we need to reap in the coming seasons in order to survive as the truest versions of ourselves.

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