Intention: the fire starter for this January


Intention 2014 by JAMILA
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The very definition of the word { intention } suggests that it is not only a mental exercise, but a full mind and body experience:

intention (n.) mid-14c., from Old French entencion “stretching, intensity, will, thought” (12c.), from Latin intentionem (nominative intentio) “a stretching out, straining, exertion, effort; attention,” noun of action from intendere “to turn one’s attention,” literally “to stretch out”

Intention is not just an exercise in thought. It is a full-bodied exercise, requiring alignment of the brain (thought—yes), as well as equal commitment from our emotions, spirit and physical body. Yoga is an excellent method for activating intention, creating a stage for all of these aspects to coalesce. Though any multifaceted ritualistic experience can activate intention. Most important is that we “show up” for the activation, engage in an intention-setting ritual that is meaningful to us, personally.

Bethany Vaccaro provides a beautiful outline for cultivating personal ritual:

Albert Einstein is attributed with saying, ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’ I had no idea what this meant or how I could change my level of consciousness if I wanted to get different results—until I discovered the power of ritual…

Tapping into the power of ritual does not depend on following a prescribed set of actions. In fact, we could ‘do’ all the steps in a ritual perfectly and not create something that actually shifts energy and brings change into our lives… The secret is not in what you do, but how you do it… Whatever it is that you do, do it in way that feels meaningful and special to you. There is no ‘right’ way that will magically zap your old shit out of existence. But doing something—anything—that signals to your brain that you are in a new era, that is where the magic comes in.

Convincing the brain cannot by done by the brain, alone, so I will elaborate: we must convince not just the brain, but our minds. The mind is the amalgam of brain-emotions-spirit-body. January is notorious for fresh commitments to mental and physical exercises (affirmations, workout plans), though it is more notorious for short runs of these goals. And yet the energy of January 2015 is truly teeming with the power to launch. This month is not a cliche—oh, so far from it! That was the past, and this is NOW. We are clearer, stronger, more energized than ever before to start a fire this winter. The Sun in Capricorn, an Earth sign, provides the grounding we need, the wood; we move toward Aquarius, the oxygen, the fuel. (Though commonly associated with water, Aquarius is an air sign). So let us think of how we will start this fire, since the elements are already present. Lighting the match is just the first step. How will we sustain the flames? What will our fire need to continue burning?

You may be aware that you have missing ingredients for creating the right chemistry to activate your desires, but have no clue how and where to find and attract them. This is where intentions come into play and the willingness to trust that the right support and ingredients you need will be available to you when you need them. Spirit is always willing to provide as long as you are willing to commit. —Lena Stevens via Mystic Mamma

When the Fire Starter burns through the kindling and the log doesn’t catch, the solution is simple: gather more kindling.

This January’s new-year energy is ripe with gifts to Fire Starters who are committed to taking action, to going out and gathering all they need to burst the flames. Set your Fires aflame, Fire Starters. “Turn your attention” to the task at hand, which may require that you turn away from potential distractions. As the highly tuned cosmic energy reader, Elizabeth Peru advises:

Remove your distractions immediately. Only focus on what is good for you. I have to get this message out to you quickly (as that is the pace of 2015). If something in your life has come up and it requires attention, you had better get onto it. Why? We have just gone through a major energetic shift over the past 24 hours. It was unexpected. So be aware. A major purge and clear out is underway, and it’s good news.

“Stretch out” your faculties to support your intentions for this month and for this year, as they will demand that you apply yourself fully, completely, without hesitation. Hesitation is the block of intention; trust is the key.

When the Fire Starter hesitates before the kindling, worried the flames may not catch, she witnesses the flames die, no matter how much kindling she adds. But when she empowers herself by trusting her lighting ability, she gives power to the Fire and witnesses the flames ignite. And when the first log catches, the Fire Starter gives thanks.

Then the Fire Starter becomes a Fire Nurturer and seeks a fresh log to sustain the flames.

Behold, as we become Nurturers.

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