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Follow Me by JAMILA

There are spiritual worlds where angels dwell, and these worlds may be entered into even whilst we walk this earth. From these bright airs of paradise, we can call upon angelic help to heal and bless the garden. The fairies too will respond to the thoughts of healing and blessing that you send forth.
Claire Nahmad, Garden Spells

There are spiritual worlds where fairies dwell… sometimes they are closer than we might think, tucked snugly in that space… you know, that space in-between?

Those moments surrounding the blink of an eye, or the blurred landscape as we transition from dream to waking states, and that brief wave of deja vu as our soul’s fire lights a match…

There, there she lies, waiting for you. So quiet the mind. Be still. And breathe. Surrender your will to that gentle space, that peaceful place in-between yet everywhere, ever-present in your heart.

I’ll meet you there. ♡

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