Expanding our own bodies of work

art by JAMILA

The Dalai Lama says, if you think it has consciousness, then it does.

All objects are pulsating with energy.

Have you ever felt the heaviness in the air when you walked into an old home, a thrift store, an ancient cathedral? Or the dull, tugging energy in a department store stocked to the ceiling with shiny new objects. Maybe felt the warmth in a handmade object.

The old objects are filled with energy from those who owned them, touched them, filled them. The new objects are factory-produced and lacking, soulless. Handmade objects are imbued with the energy of their creators.

I was once seduced by a pair of $400 sunglasses by their frame: two glittering snakes creeping along the temples and curling up around the lenses. I felt an instant kinship with the snakes and walked away knowing that they belonged to me. For two months the memory surfaced only to remind me of the purchase I needed to make, as if these snakes had shimmied into my consciousness and were haunting me with our mutual longing.

I wrote, that they would be a part of me, as every object that surrounds me has found a niche in my world. And now they sit in their case on the bench by my bed, in all their snake charming glory, and I am comforted to know that my money buys myself – that I exist not just in my own body, but in the reflections of objects that add meaning to my purpose. My body of work.

This was 10 years ago and I still own them.

With snake allies around my eyes, my sight was framed by the Kundalini Shakti energy. I became attuned to understanding better cycles of time and layers of consciousness, growth patterns and trust in the purpose of decay for regeneration. I shimmied out of a 1,000 skins and left them to the desert, slithering on to the next rising sun.

In ancient times we adorned ourselves and environment not only to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing, but to strengthen our vibration and our power to manifest what we desire.

We have great power over our objects. They can be whatever we want them to be, if we invite them to be our allies.

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