Dancing along the horizon ✵ Full Moon in Capricorn


I’m slipping towards the horizon with you, Moon
and melting into you, Sky
and remembering so many skies ago
when I succumbed to your embrace

I drink of you and yet I am thirsty for you
all at once, noticing in twilight that
you are the same, now, as you were then,
only donning a new garment

Tonight it is a silky number breathed forth
by the accumulation of our tenderest dreams,
stitched together by the sea goat’s hoof
and perfumed with wild flowers

There are no certainties in life, no
We are certain of that

So we are honored to dance in your Moon’s Light
flirting with each and every twinkle
along the edges of Earth & Sky

Perhaps our summer carnival is enough entertainment
for even those distant planetary neighbors

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