Create space for the mysterious

photo by JAMILA

Dreams are like lovers; they’ll blossom if you pay attention to them and abscond if you ignore or invalidate them. ~Toko-pa

What is that?
Where did it come from?
And why am I so intrigued?

There are so many gorgeous mysteries every day. Perhaps they go unnoticed by the impatient mind. It is so easy to gloss over them, yes? To write them off or ignore them, pretend they simply do not exist.

Or there is the mind’s sensational ability to assign false purpose or meaning to them for the sake of “checking that off the list,” hoping they will then go away.

But then they don’t. Go away.

And why would they? They bring no harm or ill-will. In fact, they bring glorious gifts for the soul. That is all they do. It is their purpose, their mission, their duty, and their generosity is infinite. They will never truly cease their offerings, though their tone will shift, depending on how receptive we are to them.

If we do not create space for the subtle mysteries of our soul, they will retreat, only to return in waves that are larger, more dramatic and perhaps borderline terrifying. Again: they bring no true ill-will; they are only asking as to just bloody notice them, already!

So create space for the mysterious. Cultivate the garden of your spirit’s dreams and prayers. You need not share this with anyone, if you wish. It is your sacred duty to your soul, to engage in this love affair with its mysteries.

The lovebirds, the songbirds
you and I
and no one will know
except us and the sky

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