An entire Universe

There is an entire Universe in there.

Wonder is an involuntary praise

Like a big cat in the forest, my awareness is always on alert for something.

The artist doesn’t necessarily “look” for inspiration. We seem to stumble upon it. Most of the time. Seekers tend to have tunnel vision. Not that I don’t travel down the tunnel. Many tunnels I erect; many tunnels I pursue. Fortunately, those tunnel walls can be shattered in an instant. In a world teeming with light, life, scent and sound, it is usually in the spaces, the pauses where we will meet our higher selves. In that territory we might signify with an ellipsis.

Sometimes a question is too pregnant with preconceived notions; the answers to such a misguided authority will be like mere whispers. Instead, a suggestion, a subtle proposition, to step forth by the water’s edge and…

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