Across galaxies & inbetween breaths ✵ Full Moon in Saggitarius


You who urges me, provokes me,
sweeps my off of my feet
and propels me towards

You who I hear
murmuring in the night
when you know I’m half awake
half dreaming of

You who I saw
spelled in the cards
challenging me to
never fold on

You who I pursue
across galaxies
and in between
breaths where

You the ever-moving
target & I meet
for you are me
and I am you

There is no fear of overshooting when you recognize: your target is within YOU. Your hopes and dreams, no matter how far and wide, are all encapsulated by your Soul, experienced in your Heart. If you ever question the validity of whatever is targeted by your arrow, simply: breathe in, breathe out. Place your hands over your Heart and feel for your target’s presence. Sometimes it was there all along, but you just needed to align our Mind and Heart. Our target is always on the go, for we are constantly shifting and evolving. Take a moment this Full Moon in Sagittarius to catch up with yourself. Depending on where you are at, that might require roaming stealthily like the huntress on the prowl, or perhaps pausing and centering as the archer prepares to shoot.

Blessed Hunting

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