JAMILA – جميلة – beautiful

In the sands of Morocco I first confronted my Heart and learned to trust its wisdom. When I returned to NYC after that beautiful journey, I founded JAMILA productions. From New York to New Mexico to New England, it has produced projects in the arts to communications, and most everything in-between. Growing and expanding with me, we morphed into a creative web-nebula for the mystical, intuitive and healing.

Each creation of mine repeats the sacred union of Heart & Mind that I experienced in the Moroccan desert. Creating is how I channel my life force and how I connect – with myself, with the Universe, with you.

Inspiration still comes flooding to me from that hot spot surrounding the Mediterranean, Berber culture, the Ancients, Egypt, Israel. I still love a good jolt of New York energy and my heart stops when I think of the Southwest and its bones of the earth. My creativity is fueled by the stuff in our blood, our DNA, of stardust.

This art-life is about humbly serving Big Mama and all her creatures – the wingeds, the several-legged, you and I. Much of my material is found, and I aim to one day label my works as 100% recycled. I also work with mixed media because I’m a fanatic of texture and multiple dimensional perspective. I long to encounter the boundaries and borders, the “edge” of which sages speak, where growth and expansion are possible with loving reverence.

Cultivating beauty and balance, I hope to inspire you, uplift you, empower you. Together we can remember when life on Earth was thriving and abundant. The more we remember, the more we can imagine, the more we can BE.

They sent me here to teach people how to love all things, how to cherish each salty tear, crimson stain, speck of mud and foggy sky. To see a six legged creature and know why.

I was sent here to pour glasses of peace and fill plates with knowledge, so we may toast prosperity and savor what we’ve learned thus far, digesting later what we didn’t understand… yet need.

I was sent here to nourish my heart with Earth and inspire others to do the same, if only because we will have a good time doing it.

I agreed to come here because I haven’t done this in a long time, and I wanted to feel again the LOVE of EARTH. It’s like no other.

Love to you ✵ Light to you

JAMILA - falcon
About the logo…
the Eye of Horus

This is kind of my life’s work, Eye of Horus and I. It is a protective amulet seen throughout the Middle East. The story of this eye—where it comes from, how it came to be, what is its source of power–is an exciting process of uncovering ancient human history. Let it be known that I do not view the story of “myth” as fable; rather, I consider all of humanity’s stories as part of the greater tapestry of this Earthly existence. Whether fact or fiction is not the point of any story. More important is the meaning we derive from it.

The Ancient Egyptians tell the story. It began as an eye of Horus, a falcon-headed deity associated with the sky and divine power. Horus’ right eye was the Sun (Masculine) and his left eye the Moon (Feminine). It is not clear which eye was torn out by Set, though this is an interesting question. In any case, Horus lost one of his two eyes in battle with his brother Set, associated with the desert, storm and destruction. Thoth, inventor of language, writing and keeper of the records of all things, reconstituted the eye and it became known as the “uninjured eye.” Horus then offered this eye to his dead brother, Osiris, and its power was so strong that it brought him back to life. Read more »